Recommendation for the high profile post for Govind Das ji and his refusal:

It was the year 1925, the tenure of Moropant Joshi as Home Member from the Central Province was about end. At that time, Sir Montagu Burtler was the Governor of the Province. Govind Das ji along with his wife and friend Dwarika Prasad Mishra were at Pachmarhi. Sir Burtler was also there along with his wife.

Lady Burtler invited Govind Dasís wife and children for tea. Since Govind Das ji was in the movement, he did not participate in any such function or attended parties or reciprocated such form of invitation. So Govind Dasís wife along with her children went to the tea party hosted by the Burtler family. Whereby Lady Burtler openly suggested that her family could recommend the name of Govind Das ji for the post of Home Member since the tenure of Moropant Joshi as Home Member was due for over. Though Govind Das ji refused the offer of Sir Montagu Burtler but Tambe from the Berar region fell into his trap.